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During the long level 5 lockdown period of 2020, Theatreland took the opportunity to look at ways to overcome many of the problems being reported about personal masks. To this end, we designed and developed the Aviator Mask offering many benefits over fabric and disposable masks.

  1. Filtration: The Aviator Mask features three filter ports. Each port holds three filters. Both inhaled air and exhaled air is passed through the filters to maximise protection to both the wearer and those around you. We do not use one way valves.

  2. Cleaning: The Aviator Mask is quick and easy to clean. Simply remove the filters, wash and replace. The whole exercise takes less than 5 minutes and the mask is ready to wear again.

  3. Sanitise ‘On The Go’: During the day and as one comes into contact with other people one may wish to sanitise the mask further. Simply spray sanitiser onto the mask and wipe clean, anytime, anywhere.

  4. Anti-Mist Shield: The Aviator Mask features an Anti-Mist shield which prevents misting on spectacles.

  5. Comfort: Due to the ‘Beak’ design the Aviator Mask does not touch the mouth. This promotes easy talking and better airflow making the mask more comfortable.

  6. Weatherproof: For those that work outside in wet weather, the Aviator mask can be dried anytime using a clean cloth. No need to spend the day in a wet soggy mask.

  7. Hygiene: When not being worn, the Aviator Mask hangs around the neck avoiding the need to put the mask down on surfaces that may be contaminated.

  8. Convenience: Quick and easy to put on and take off – Good airflow – Cooler to wear.

How to wear the Aviator

How to Sanitize