Animatronic Characters & Display Props

Animatronic Characters and Static Display Models attract footfall and extend the time your customers spend in your store. Various triggers can be used to encourage interaction including built in 'Talk Back' systems.


Our Control Systems are imported from America and are well tried and tested making them robust and simple to program and reprogram according to changing requirements. From single stand alone characters to complete integrated themed displays with lighting and music make Animatronics the next Big Attraction.

 Tourist Destinations /  Exhibitions / Retail Display / Shopping Centres / Education  

Recent Projects

These Animatronic Farm Yard style Characters have been created for 'Food Lovers Market' and can be experienced in their new stores throughout South Africa.

The Animatronic Cow has been built into its own cowshed and features a moving 'side to side head and opening mouth complete with 'moooing' sound. A firm favourite with adults and children alike.

The Animatronic Scarecrow spends the day sat on a bale of hay greeting customers as the enter the store with a friendly wave, while the Animatronic Tractor is busy with its rotating wheels and friendly farmer that can also wave to customers.

LED & EL Lighting used in various projects including the Jumping Peas for Foodlovers and the Panda head with Sound To Light effects created for a well known DJ


This Realistic Lion Head was created for a TV advert and  Campaign for clients in Zambia.


When Peppa Pigs came to South Africa, Theatreland was commissioned to build all the Peppa Pig Characters for the SA Tour. As an addition, Theatreland included animatronic mouths.


Full size static Astronaut Model created for the South African National Space Agency